WB Unplugged: That’s a Little Dude!

*cracks knuckles*

Time to get some writing done again. Let’s see if I can catch up a little.

So Writer’s Block Unplugged had someone who asked:

At what age do you think breast-feeding should stop? 1 year old? 2 years old? 3 years old? Does it bother you when it’s done discreetly in public? What about non-discreetly in public? Is it absolutely necessary for a mother to breastfeed? Or is breastfeeding overhyped?

A very long and thought-out answer


WB Unplugged: What Makes Dogs Different?

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Another Writer’s Block Unplugged question I came across and felt had to be answered was this:

An outdoor adventure company recently slaughtered 100 dogs after not seeing the amount of business they expected. Why is that most people are appalled by the actions that this company took, but don’t give a second thought to the number of cows, chickens or sheep that are killed every year on farms? Why do most people have different reactions depending on the animal?

Definitely an interesting topic.

So why is killing dogs different from killing sheep or cows or chickens?

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WB Unplugged: Rape

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Time for some writing.

Like I don’t already have enough stuff backed up, I was looking through the Writer’s Block Unplugged community today.

I’ve mentioned to you all before how LiveJournal does these question of the day things called Writer’s Block.  Well they have a whole community (like a forum) for “unplugged” questions.  That is, any question that’s a little too much for the PG13 content of the website.  They made the community adults only so you know what you’re doing and they ask a lot of rather odd questions.  Some are simply more gross or sexual and kinda goofy.  Others are really deep and heavy questions.  One of the back ones I stumbled across was:

“If an intoxicated man rapes a woman (intoxicated OR sober), should he still assume full responsibility? Or, like an intoxicated female, he’s too drunk to know what he was doing? Is it still rape if an intoxicated female consents to intercourse, or is she mentally incapacitated?”

The second question was easy to answer, at least for me, having studied rape law here in NY (at least a little bit.)

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