Conservatism and Misogyny: Same?

WARNING: I used a lot of bad language in this.  Forgive me.

So, I shared this picture on Facebook:


And the first comment I receive is from a friend going “Fucking really? Spare me.”

Now, I don’t take crap like that lying down, so my first response (done via mobile at work) was:

I love you, but you’re not female.

I have been told before that my stranger rape was my fault because I didn’t do enough to prevent it.

I have been told that I’m a slut for using birth control, by random people in line at the pharmacy who don’t know me or my situation.  Pharmacists right now in this country deny women birth control based on false stereotypes, “religion” and “values.”  Women get vilified for going into women’s clinics by people who have no knowledge of the situation or reason, nor do they know what women’s clinics are even for, besides abortion.

And our lawmakers are mostly old white MEN.  Do I even need to remind you about the ACA panel on birth control that contained NOT ONE SINGLE WOMAN on it?

There is a huge problem with this in our country.  But you’re a man, so unless you decide to really educate yourself, you’ll never experience or even see it happen.

The response from him went as such:

I have educated myself.  Please don’t confuse misogyny with conservatism.  There are quite a lot of variants within that mindset.  Gender biases are a polarizing thing in this country, being too aggressive one way or the other won’t help the situation.  Unfortunately, these old fuckers on capitol hill won’t change, but they’ll be dead soon.  That’s the only thing to look forward too.

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WB: Born To Do It

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Having not had a chance to pick up my writing, getting stuck on some things (aka a new project) on my writing list, and having life pretty much be kicking my ass for the past few days, I’m a little out of order here.  This should be something else I’m posting, but since I’m currently sitting in my boyfriend’s dorm, on his computer instead of my own, then that means I don’t have my handy-dandy little lists with me.  I also have about 30 LiveJournal messages, mostly Writer’s Block questions, that need to get taken care of.  So I’m going to alternate my watching of YouTube videos with my answering some backed up WB things and maybe some various thought-like postings.

Of course, one of the more recent WB questions was right up my alley:

What is your idea of the perfect job? Do you think you’ll ever get it?


WB Unplugged: What Makes Dogs Different?

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Another Writer’s Block Unplugged question I came across and felt had to be answered was this:

An outdoor adventure company recently slaughtered 100 dogs after not seeing the amount of business they expected. Why is that most people are appalled by the actions that this company took, but don’t give a second thought to the number of cows, chickens or sheep that are killed every year on farms? Why do most people have different reactions depending on the animal?

Definitely an interesting topic.

So why is killing dogs different from killing sheep or cows or chickens?

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Just a couple of random thoughts.

1) NBC is picking up Wonder Woman for the TV.  Her new costume?  This:

I’m less than thrilled.  Okay so the original costume can be a little NSFW.  But please, give her a skirt or something.  It’s not like the spandex pants are any better than the leotard.  Screw catering to the “concerned parents” and uber-feminist minority.  This is, in a lot of ways, worse.

2) Apparently the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (The people who give out IP addresses and domain names to corporations.)) has decided to approve the use of the .xxx domain name. No more confusion over names, no more stumbling onto porn sites by accident.  Go porn.

PS:  Just found this again.  Click to cry.