A Message to “The Other McCain.”

If you want to know how I got involved, the girl that this idjit bullied is over at this blog.  She’s a sweet girl, and chronicles the unnecessary harassment over on her blog.

Poor sweet Sophia.  You have got yourself a bona-fide crazy idiot on your hands.  Any sane person reading that original post is going to think the same thing.

As it stands, I have detected nothing wrong in your responses to such character attacks.  The only thing I would ever advise you against is reading the comments on the other person’s posts.  Just don’t do it.  It only causes unnecessary stress.  Pretend the comments don’t exist and focus your efforts on the OP because that’s where the attack is coming from.  Think of it like a video game boss.  OP is the boss, the comments are the little minions trying to distract you.  Ignore the minions, take them out with a super move (broad, sweeping comment) and focus the rest of your efforts on dismantling the big mean boss.


Meanwhile, Mr. McCain….

Where do you think you get the right?

Miss Sophia’s blog is a personal one.  That is, it is her safe space to talk about what’s going on in her life and to help her explore herself and who she wants to be in this world.  Some of her posts don’t even require comments – that’s what the little star “like” button is for.  Sometimes the only comments needed are ones that boost her up when she’s feeling down or share in a defining moment.  Occasionally she writes articles that incite discussion.  Those are for the purpose of hearing the thoughts of others and redefining what she thinks she knows of a certain topic.

Her blog is not, however, here for you to pick and choose behaviors to judge.

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21 Jump Street AIDS Episode Rant

Cross-posted to The Angry Redhead and LiveJournal.

I’m sticking this in 3 different places for a reason: 1) It’s a media-related rant (LiveJournal) 2) It relates to real-life, controversial and angering issues (The Angry Redhead) and 3) It is related to my life (Life Blog.)

I’ve been watching the seasons of 21 Jump Street recently.  For those who don’t know, the show was a cop drama in the 80’s and the reason I’m watching it is because it was Johnny Depp’s first major acting role after A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I’m onto the second season and boy oh boy does this show have its clichés.  For one, it’s throwing in a few different holiday episodes, including a Christmas and Valentine’s Day one.  It’s so cheesy.  For two, it insists upon touching on every controversial subject in the most stereotypical way possible (interracial couples, teen pregnancy, homosexuality…)

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