A Quick WB Catch-Up

So I totally know I need to catch up on my WB questions (I have like 175 waiting for me :-/) so I decided that I was gonna do like 5 of them right in a row and maybe have a little something to post. I think I’ll probably do another review today too. 🙂 It’s spring break for my college so I have three full days of no work and no school to get some of this done.

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A Couple of Quick WBs

So I’ve done a couple of quick WB questions in the past few months and thought I’d at least post them up here for something to do.

The first one is one I did today:

How are you celebrating Leap Day?

I happen to be going out with my family for lunch?  You see, today is not only the last day of Subway’s FebruANY event (where any regular footlong sub is just $5) but they’re giving out a free cookie because it’s leap day.  So we’re going to Subway.  Even better is that I work at a Subway and the one down the street from me is owned by the same man that owns mine.  So I get to go and see a bunch of my friends.  🙂

Now, back in December I answered a B.Y.O.B. WB question (they were doing this series of questions called Bring Your Own Beliefs.)  Each of these questions had the opportunity to win something too.  I only answered one, because it was the only one I was interested in.

What is your must-see holiday movie?

Now, there are a lot of movies I like watching during the holiday.  I love the Blackadder Christmas SpecialA Charlie Brown Christmas, Garfield Christmas Special and the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  I also like less obvious Christmas movies like Batman Returns, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Edward Scissorhands.  But there is one movie that I absolutely love to watch on Christmas that no one ever really thinks of:

Die Hard.

Die Hard is one of the best Christmas movies ever, in my opinion.  I love watching Bruce Willas kick Alan Rickman’s butt 🙂

And remember how I said you could randomly win a prize?  Well, I got picked to win the $50 Amazon gift card from that question!  I’m still not sure what to spend it on.  I know I’m getting one book, the new Jay Asher one, but I don’t know what else I want.

A Look at Iron

I don’t know if any of my followers have actually ever noticed this, but I can be a bit of a smart-ass.

For instance, on a recent picture a friend shared on Facebook, there was a sign that said “Beer, now cheaper than gas! Drink, don’t drive!” And a particular friend of hers said:

“Ben Franklin said that “Beer was a gift from God.” Perhaps, this represents what happened when the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt said “What this country needs right now is a drink.” Chill out. Relax/ Buy American.”

The man has a point. But my smart-ass had to butt in with:

“Except the quintessential American beer, Budweiser, is now owned by the Germans.”

It is, by the way. The Germans bought it from us, because we can’t keep hold of anything of ours.

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