My First Dance!

So, the boyfriend got some money for his birthday recently and with it, he went out and bought a brand new webcam.  He did this for a couple of reasons.

1) His no longer had working video and Skype-ing was harder without that.

2) He wanted to be able to do vlogs (video blogs) and other sorts of YouTube-postable things in his free time.

3) He wanted me to finally be able to do videos of all the dance covers I’ve been learning.

Click for videos!


NYR Update

I appear to be doing well on my NYRs.

I’ve finished 5 books already this year and am halfway through the 6th.  I have 3 more books in the series I’m reading to be as caught up with that as I want to be.  Then I’m starting on all single-read books (no series.)

I’ve definitely been writing more.  While I’ve also been posting blurbs up here, I have at least 3 rants in my folder that I have to finish and post, and then work on some more reviews.  I’m keeping up well with NEW correspondence but the backed-up stuff is still backed-up and I’ll get to it soon I hope (Sorry Rae, but the research paper that is my response to you is taking forever to get right.  I want this to be structured, sound and well-researched, so I’m not repeating myself and I can get the argument to be the way I want.  So much more than just typing as I read.)

I’m also doing a good job with the backed up bills (the gas bill is down and the rent is almost done being payed off as well.)  I’m hoping to get a decent chunk of money to myself for groceries and stuff soon, which ties into the “I wanna eat better” resolution.  I’ve started doing a bit more grocery shopping again, instead of just eating what I bring home from Subway and what the boys have in the house.  I’m making things again, though not necessarily cooking but I hope that’s changing soon as well.

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