Amazing Chef Amy!

It feels so very good to be in a clean kitchen again.  To not have to fight night and day against dirty dishes and dirty counters and a dirty stove and dirty floors.  Now that I have a clean kitchen at my disposal (though I will admit that I dislike the barely functioning electric stove I now have to deal with) I definitely have felt like cooking more.  Hard to want to cook in a kitchen that nobody but me wants to keep clean.

So since I’ve got a clean kitchen and I’ve been cooking, I’ve come up with a few “recipes” of my own.  All of these are really easy to do and don’t require too much shopping or preparation or anything.  I don’t really have the time to come up with complex things that take half a day to make or equipment I have to lug out.
3 recipes you’re welcome to try


Recipe: Butter-Crusted Scalloped Tomatoes

So I cooked yesterday, in my (finally) clean kitchen, for pretty much the first time.

Anyone who talks to me knows I like to cook, but I prefer baking.  Baking was kind of tailor-made for me.  I love sweets, I love crafting little sugar-coated delicacies.  I like making desserts pretty as well as tasty.  Cooking is a lot about how a thing tastes.  You add pinches here and dashes there, using the recipe itself as a guideline.  There’s room for more (or less) and a lot of it is edible mistakes.  Baking is much more precise.  You need a specific amount of flour and butter and sugar because otherwise the confection will not taste right.  Many mistakes are not edible (or only barely edible) because of this.  It appeals to my OCD nature.

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