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Sex education in schools is always a topic of discussion.  What are your thoughts on the matter — comprehensive sex ed, abstinence only or somewhere in between?

This should shock no one, because anyone who reads this blog should be able to tell I’m a staunch liberal.



21 Jump Street AIDS Episode Rant

Cross-posted to The Angry Redhead and LiveJournal.

I’m sticking this in 3 different places for a reason: 1) It’s a media-related rant (LiveJournal) 2) It relates to real-life, controversial and angering issues (The Angry Redhead) and 3) It is related to my life (Life Blog.)

I’ve been watching the seasons of 21 Jump Street recently.  For those who don’t know, the show was a cop drama in the 80’s and the reason I’m watching it is because it was Johnny Depp’s first major acting role after A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I’m onto the second season and boy oh boy does this show have its clichés.  For one, it’s throwing in a few different holiday episodes, including a Christmas and Valentine’s Day one.  It’s so cheesy.  For two, it insists upon touching on every controversial subject in the most stereotypical way possible (interracial couples, teen pregnancy, homosexuality…)

So I’ve hit upon the AIDS episode.  Continue reading “21 Jump Street AIDS Episode Rant”