About the Lady

Lady Ruby is my pen name.  I’ve been writing under it since I was about 14.  No matter what I write about, this name fits it.

She started out as a dominatrix for a fanfiction, named after her love of the color red.  But she evolved to be the side of me that speaks out when I think I can’t.  She’s my domineering, overprotective, dark, big sister other half.

Through her I’ve created the other two pseudonyms I use the most: Lady Ashina and TrickPink.

Ashina is the original character for fanfictions I came up with a while back.  She has since highly evolved and is going to be a character in her own comic book soon as well.  🙂  Though she is complex, what I can tell you is that she is a dark, mean sort of anti-hero who isn’t human and fights better than most you will ever see.  She has a lot of special powers, and a lot of loose morals and she doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks of them.

TrickPink is the fairy username I created for YouTube.  What started out as a simple fairy theme is now a persona.  She is a pink little bubbly fairy girl that likes to sprinkle happiness and fairy dust wherever she goes.  She’s into all things girly and pretty and loves vibrant shades of pink.  She is delicate and beautiful and graceful and has a great love for singing and dancing.  Let her spread some joy into your life?

The real person sitting at this keyboard is none of the above things.  I’m a short, redheaded woman in her early 20’s who is struggling to live on her own and adores the internet, reading, and most other kinds of media.

My life is here for you all to see. *bows*


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