#38 The Crow Review

[The numbering is a carry-over from my LJ.  I’m trying to keep a count of how many movies I’ve reviewed.]


Don’t like?  Watch the movie first!


So this past year I finally got ahold of The Crow graphic novel.  Of course, after I read it, I had to watch the movie (again.)

The movie concerns the murder of Eric Draven and his soon-to-be wife Shelly Webster.  In this version, Eric and Shelly were targeted by the local mafia for petitioning against them on the upkeep of their apartment building.  They left behind a cat named Gabriel and a child named Sarah whose mother is a drug addict and Eric and Shelly were the only family she had.  A year after the murders, a crow brings Eric back to life to avenge his lover and finally rest in peace, learning the details of what really happened as he goes.

It’s a simple revenge plot and it’s executed without much in the way of plotholes.  The crow itself has a supernatural link with Eric and it fills in a little bit of backstory for us and him, guiding him on his quest.  The only real problem I have is this whole “kill the crow and you take away the man’s power.”  I’m not really sure how that works or how they even came up with it.  The only other major plothole I can think of is Myca (I had to wiki her name, because I don’t think that they actually tell you it.)  I guess she’s supposed to be some sort of seer or fortune teller, I don’t know. She reveals the crow’s power along with a couple other things but her character, although minor, is important enough to be explained a little more than it was.

The main characters are developed well.  Eric is likeable despite the murderous streak, because you understand the love he had for Shelly and the grave injustice they were dealt.  Shelly herself is the otherworldly saint of a creature, talked about with light and reverence.  Sarah is an emotional wreck as a teenager and hides it under a tough exterior.

The side characters are developed enough to see them grow and to let you wonder what happens to them as people.  Darla is done with drugs, but despite her trying, how good a mom can she be?  Officer Albrecht finally gets to right a wrong, but does his job end  up suffering because of it, or does he finally get placed back in the big leagues?  The movie lets you wonder.

The bad guys are also developed well despite the fact that you know from the start that they’re all gonna die horribly.  They each have a distinct personality, with a common feature of liking chaos and destruction.  They express some regret for their crimes but not much, being very selfish and simple minded; wanting only what seems good at the time.

The whole movie is dark and gothy, which fits with the theme of the movie really well.  The costumes are very goth-like (there’s lots of leather and fishnets) and the soundtrack is some hard metal and grunge stuff.  It’s not exactly a wonder that this movie is like a goth’s bible.

Final Thoughts: Despite the flaws that I know the movie has, I still really enjoy it.  It was wonderful to see Brandon Lee act the role of Eric Draven and I’m still sad it was his last movie ever.  5/5 stars for nostalgia but in reality it still deserves a 4 or a 4.5.


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