16 Random Things About Yours Truly

So, this is 16 random things about me.

Post a photo of yourself:


Me, circa 2012 at Gen Con Indy.

Tell 5 things about your best friend:

1) She smokes weed.

2) She lives with me

3) She dates my ex-boyfriend.

4) She has an enemy who used to be a friend.

5) She’s been in two different, life changing car accidents.

Share 5 things you really want:

1) More weed.  Unlimited weed.

2) A normal, functioning gut.

3)  More books.  Always more books.

4) More money.  Or, at least, a better weekly paycheck (raise, more hours, something)

5) A mfing grinder

Share 5 favorite movies:

Only five??

1) Beauty and the Beast. 

2) 10 Things I Hate About You.

3) Repo! The Genetic Opera.

4) Rent.

5) The Crow.

Share 5 favorite foods:

Might as well ask me for “five things I can no longer eat.”

1) Apples.

2) Onions.

3) Broccoli.

4) Macaroni & Cheese.

5) Cliff Bars

Share 5 people you love being with:

1) Erik.

2) Erica.

3) Rebecca.

4) Megan.

5) My dad.

Share 5 favorite celebrities:

1) Tom Hiddleston.

2) Robert Carlyle.

3) Jennifer Lawrence.

4) Julia Styles.

5) Ryan Reynolds

Share your favorite thing to do when you get bored:  Smoke weed and [fill in the blank]

Share 5 favorite songs: 

This is another difficult one.

1) September – Earth, Wind & Fire

2) December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) – Frankie Vallie & the Four Seasons

3) With a Little Help from My Friends – The Beatles

4) Take It Easy – The Eagles

5) Only the Good Die Young – Billy Joel

Share 5 favorite blogs:

Everything I do is on Tumblr, and this is kind of like asking me about my favorite movies & songs.  It’s very hard to pick.
1) b00kstorebabe

2) petitetimidgay

3) guardians-of-the-food

4) chiibunni

5) olyphantss

Tell 5 facts about yourself:

1) I stopped wearing bras/underwear about a year ago and have never felt freer.

2) I like video games, but I don’t like to play video games.

3) I’m am a MASSIVE pro wrestling nerd.

4) I’ve lost about 18 lbs since the beginning of the year.

5) I can no longer eat anything without pain

Share 5 facts about your appearance:

1) I’m self-conscious about the scars my eczema leaves, especially around my mouth.

2) I am really short, and really skinny

3) I have really big boobs despite being a tiny person.

4) I have Barbie feet (they are seriously small.)

5) I have naturally red hair, and I keep it long to look more like an anime character.

Share your current mood: Little high.  Little bloated.

Something that made me smile today: Being confused for a boy online.

Something you hate: Cold weather

Something you love: My Pooky bear


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