A Message to “The Other McCain.”

If you want to know how I got involved, the girl that this idjit bullied is over at this blog.  She’s a sweet girl, and chronicles the unnecessary harassment over on her blog.

Poor sweet Sophia.  You have got yourself a bona-fide crazy idiot on your hands.  Any sane person reading that original post is going to think the same thing.

As it stands, I have detected nothing wrong in your responses to such character attacks.  The only thing I would ever advise you against is reading the comments on the other person’s posts.  Just don’t do it.  It only causes unnecessary stress.  Pretend the comments don’t exist and focus your efforts on the OP because that’s where the attack is coming from.  Think of it like a video game boss.  OP is the boss, the comments are the little minions trying to distract you.  Ignore the minions, take them out with a super move (broad, sweeping comment) and focus the rest of your efforts on dismantling the big mean boss.


Meanwhile, Mr. McCain….

Where do you think you get the right?

Miss Sophia’s blog is a personal one.  That is, it is her safe space to talk about what’s going on in her life and to help her explore herself and who she wants to be in this world.  Some of her posts don’t even require comments – that’s what the little star “like” button is for.  Sometimes the only comments needed are ones that boost her up when she’s feeling down or share in a defining moment.  Occasionally she writes articles that incite discussion.  Those are for the purpose of hearing the thoughts of others and redefining what she thinks she knows of a certain topic.

Her blog is not, however, here for you to pick and choose behaviors to judge.

You seem to be a religious man.  I was always taught that it was up to God to judge, and that unless we were sinless to begin with (and since we are humans that means we are full of sin) we had no right to judge the hearts, minds and actions of others.

You remind me too much of the people who used to crash the free concerts I attend downtown in my city.  These are people who would curse the masses for listening to music (Now do you believe in rock and roll?  Can music save your mortal soul?) The same people who used to curse me in particular for being the daughter of someone who is “hell-bound.”  Oh by that they meant my father, who happens to be in a wheelchair.  Now, to those of us with our heads on straight, my father has CP (cerebral palsy.)  He was born like this, and never got the chance to walk and be as able-bodied as the rest of us.  He views this as a huge test that God gave him, and he believes that God helps him with that every day of his life.  But these egotistical, self-righteous blights of humanity believe that he must have done something so terrible in a past life that God punished him like this and will refuse him entry to heaven.

Y’know, I thought reincarnation was a Hindu thing, not a Christian one.

Again I ask, what right do you have to judge like that?  What gives you the right to attack a girl who, by all accounts is probably young enough to be your daughter?

That’s what gets me.  You knew when you “stumbled upon” her blog that you were not picking a fight with a woman your own age (and I can certainly tell you that there are feminist, bisexual women your own age out there.)  You were picking a fight with a teenager.  Congratulations!  Instead of actually reading feminist theory (like Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, Mary Woolstonecraft’s The Vindication of the Rights of Women, Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, or Susan Fauldi’s Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women) you choose to pick on a teenager.

Which really makes you no better than a bully.


n. A person who uses superior strength or influence to intimidate someone.

That was the purpose of your getting involved in her life right?  You wanted to intimidate her into staying quiet.  Into being the good little girl who is seen and not heard, the way you think she ought to be.  And you decided to use your age, as an adult superior, to make her do this.  Shame her into keeping quiet, right?  I mean, you insult her (please don’t even pretend that calling her “precocious” wasn’t supposed to be an insult.  She may choose not to see it as such but it is just one more way you can convince yourself that her ideas aren’t worth listening to. ) Oh, and since you’ve decided that she’s not a person, not one worthy enough of being named, then I guess you deserve the same treatment back don’t you?  From now on, Mr. McCain, you will be referred to as the Immature Bully.  Because that’s exactly what you are.

So, Immature Bully, what was the rationale behind this endeavor?  I mean, your “in” for talking smack about a girl probably 30 years younger than yourself is an $11 Toys-R-Us game.  A game that a majority of people asked would call “silly” to say the least.  And to rationale your “belief in the supernatural” (a belief I sincerely doubt you actually hold) was….The Exorcist?  That incredibly fictional novel of the 1970’s whose movie couldn’t scare today’s children?  The “vomiting split-pea soup” Exorcist?  Come on.  I mean you could have at least pulled out a title that was a bit more modern.  What about Deliver Us from Evil?  That’s supposedly based on a true story that just got made into a movie.  There’s also Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit, The Day Satan Called and The Devil Within just to name a few.  Shall I go on?  You could even pull out books that appear to have a basis in reality instead of fiction.  There’s 101 Answers to Questions about Satan, Demons and Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance Thesaurus: Demon Hit List, Unseen Realities: Heaven, Hell, Angels and Demons, or Demons: The Answer Book.  All of which would have been better than your off-the-cuff bullshit answer of The Exorcist.

Again, I ask myself why?  What is the rationale behind your behavior?  As a psych major who grew up the daughter of two active counselors, I seek to understand the reason behind the behavior.  And as I read your blog, I begin to understand exactly who you are as a person, despite the fact that your “about me” is a list of your accomplishments and doesn’t actually tell us anything about yourself.

Besides being a bully, I can tell pretty quickly that you fall into the “bigot” category.


a) n. A person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc.
b) n. A person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group.

How does this definition fit you?  Well, obviously you pretty strongly dislike little Sophia here.  I guess it has to come from some sick definition of “parenting.”  Her parents aren’t doing the job you would like to see them do, so you took it upon yourself to “educate” her.  That must be the real reason you have so personally attacked a girl young enough to be your daughter.   You most likely believe that children, especially little girls, should be seen and not heard and that when they are heard they should be shut down quick so as not to poison the opinions of the rest of the just majority.  If I were her parents, I’d be twice as offended by what you’re doing as she is.

I can also describe you using the second definition of the word.  You mention nothing about your religious views other than a) you believe in a supernatural form of evil and b) you’re definitely not one who follows Islam.  In fact, I don’t think I’m wrong in assuming that you’d get very upset if someone asked you if you were Muslim.  God forbid.  While you don’t outright say it, you certainly seem to imply that Muslims are terrorists who like Obama because they can put one over on him.    Yup, you’re definitely a bigot.

Maybe I should call you the Bigoted Bully, or BB for short.  Yeah, I like that one.

However, none of this surprises me, considering your Bible-literalist view of religion.  I’ve found that Bible-literalists are probably the most hate-filled bunch of Christians I’ve ever met.  They seem to forget the basic teaching of Jesus himself: love.

“Jesus replied ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” – Matthew 22:37-39

You have done nothing but scare and have given in to hate and fear.  While you submit to those, you can have no love.  And to love in the way Jesus did, as completely and fully as he did, is a struggle for humans.  Humans very easily give into other emotions: the contempt and fear you display, the anger and hatred Sophia feels towards those that have hurt her.  Love is a learning experience.  The difference is, Sophia recognizes this lack of love and works towards fixing it.  She is learning to forgive and to love again.  You are so closed off from love I don’t think you could ever find redemption.

So, BB, what else can I tell about you?

I can tell that you enjoy picking on feminism because, in addition to being a bigot, you objectify the shit out of women.  Now, I understand that by calling you a bigot, I have already implied that you have a dislike for those who are not like yourself.  Since you are male, this covers all those who are female, cis and trans alike.

Oh, is “cisgendered” too big a word for you, like “heteronormative” was?  (Hell, I learned “heteronormative” in…I think it was Anthropology but I was taking Personality Psychology at the time and the article I was reading was discussing the DSM-II’s homosexuality revision, and why the revision was needed in the first place.)  Let me give you the layman’s definition: a cisgendered woman is one who feels as female as the parts she was born with.  I’m going to go ahead and say that since you insist on erasing the bisexual identity, you probably don’t “agree” with homosexuality and I bet I could sprinkle in a healthy dose of transphobia on top of it.  Oops, there’s one of those big words again.  You, sir, are homophobic, which means that you don’t like teh gays.  Transphobic means the same: you don’t like those who are transitioning from one gender or sex to another.  It’s not a strict use of the definition of phobia, since I don’t believe you are actually scared of these people.  You’re just an asshole.

Now, I realize a good argument doesn’t go off-topic into word definitions.  However, in having read your little attempt at arguing with Sophia, I understand that you like to make fun of people who use big words that you can’t be bothered to Google and understand for yourself.  I feel as if I have to educate you instead.

Back to point.  You are a bigot, and by saying that I can imply that you are sexist without reiterating it by using the word.  As a bigot you hate women for being women, but you add another dimension onto that.  You objectify and sexualize them, openly and without any regard to being…kinder than that, to put it simply.  I’m talking about the Rule 5 Sunday thing that you do on your blog.

See, I like women too.  All sorts of women are beautiful to me.  And on my Tumblr, if a pretty girl comes across my dash, I’m gonna reblog her for numerous reasons.  You, on the other hand, take part in judging a woman’s attractiveness solely by superficial reasons such as weight and bra size, degrading and objectifying women based on superficial reasons like clothing choice, and generally take part in a tabloid-esque series that aims to make women out to be playthings for men and removes the voices of women who feel they have a point to make.  You chastise their concerns as silly and poke fun of them because what are women anyway but the toys of men?

This leads me to tack on “misogynistic” as an added character trait of yours because of the sexualizing that goes along with the hate.  God forbid you ever have a daughter, and if you do I feel so very bad for her.

And this is all I’ve gleaned from reading your blog!  You are a bully and a bigot in many forms (anti-Muslim, homophobic/transphobic and misogynistic.)  But I bet I can guess a lot more about you without having to read your blog, based solely on the fact that you’re a right-wing nutbag.

  • You’re probably anti-choice (because you ain’t pro-life, none of you fucks are)
  • More racist than you let on
  • Pro-death penalty and pro-war (which is why you ain’t pro-life)
  • “Businesses are people” (no they aren’t)
  • Privatize education (like you privatize everything else)
  • Fuck stem cells
  • Fuck Planet Earth; Global Warming is a myth
  • Oh, I don’t mind the death penalty but no assisted suicide.  I have morals
  • All guns, all the time
  • What do you mean you want a public healthcare option
  • There is no such thing as “separation of church and state”
  • What do you mean America is not a Christian land?
  • Privatize Social Security
  • In fact, privatize everything
  • But don’t ever raise taxes
  • Let our roads and bridges go to shit
  • Don’t pay police worth a damn
  • Oh yeah, and fuck poor people

Did I miss anything?  Oh yeah, you’re crazy enough to believe in the supernatural too.

I can glean all of these stances simply from the fact that you support “Traditional Values.”  Also known as “let’s not change anything ever.”

You fear change, the way you fear everything else BB.  It’s time to stop being so scared.  Grow a pair and be radical for once in your life.  You know, the way you dream about when you’re getting off.

Come at me.  I dare you.


4 thoughts on “A Message to “The Other McCain.”

  1. Your criticisms might be taken more seriously if they were 1) grounded in an actual reading of the material -as RSM has done with the feminists- and 2) actually posted on the site so the “idjit” in question might actually be aware that you have a problem.
    FYI, the Internet is not a safe space for ANYONE. It is the modern equivalent of “taking your business to the street” where any random passerby can comment on it. Parts of the internet may have the ability to be locked to non-friends, but anyone thinking they have a right to privacy or “safe spaces” on the Internet is a sucker and a fool.
    In any case, I respect Sophia for coming into the comments and engaging with Stacy in a largely respectful manner; we returned the courtesy by squashing various trolls (and warning some of our regulars) who preferred ad hominems to actual argument. Much like we have here in your self-righteous rant that probably nobody but me, you, and your handful of followers will ever read.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Oh I tried to read what he thinks about feminism. All it teaches me is that he doesn’t really give two craps about what women think. Take, for instance, his recent article on Disney and Feminism. During which he still uses the (very much accepted) term of heteronormativity with quotes, as if it doesn’t exist. Now, this is a word that, as you begin typing in Google comes up as the second suggestion. It’s pretty widely used and accepted. Except by your friend here. I mean, it was started by a man in 1991. That gives it 20 years of pervasive use in culture. It’s not a trend word at this point. The concept of heteronormativity is rooted in feminism definitely. Particularly, it’s rooted in the work of two feminists mentioned who speak mostly on the topic of sex and lesbianism. I can only believe that his refusal to accept the word is rooted in his homophobic and bigoted mindset. Since I believe that homosexuality is just as natural and normal as heterosexuality (and there are enough instances in nature for me to believe so) I also believe the heteronormative culture that we have to be something that needs…restructuring at the very least. Homosexuality needs to be seen, not as the enemy or the opposite of heterosexuality but as a normal and natural sexual orientation that exists on a spectrum that includes both hetero and homo relationships.

      Mostly, when this man speaks of feminism, he fails to see the true end of the cause – that is, equality between the genders. But feminism, like religion, has sects, and not all sects share the same views. You can see the post on this blog where I talk about my particular brand of feminism and it’s goals. However, BB continues to propagate the stereotypes of the “man-hating butch feminist” and use that to criticize and discredit the work that real people want to achieve. He draws broad and damning conclusions without bothering to look deeper into the work he’s reading. He’s not thinking outside the box in any way, shape or form. And he only appears to read the really radical end of the spectrum anyway. He doesn’t look at feminism and how it works outside of cultural anthropology or sociology (feminism is important in psychology too.) He doesn’t acknowledge that there is an entire branch of feminism that works to end the really, truly sexist cultures that exist in other countries (I could go on for ages at just how permissive of rape India is, and how rape is used as a weapon of war in places like the Congo. Or how female genital mutilation is done in some of these third world countries with the intent on preventing a woman from enjoying sex because that will make her leave her husband. Need I go on?) He also doesn’t acknowledge the good works feminism does and still needs to do. Like the fact that police officers are more likely to be abusers and also more likely to get away with it. Or the fact that it was only (beginning in the 1970’s) recently that marital rape was even deemed a crime. Or that, even though the majority of men are NOT rapists, the ones that are rape again. And again. And again. And again. And they only get a few years in prison for it. What about the 60 Minutes article that finally acknowledged the biological differences between men and women and how doses of important medicines were doses tested on men and not on women. We assumed we were the same, when in fact we’re not and we need to not give male doses to female bodies. No, he wants to talk about bullshit and give all the credit to the crazy bunch.

      Think of it this way. You know how women will make generalizations about men and men get all butthurt and go “not all men!”? Yeah I feel the same way about feminism. I constantly scream in my head “not all feminists!” I realize that sometimes, the vocal minority gets more of the attention, and in the same vein you can read my denouncement of some of that here. Like how the Westboro Baptist Church gets much more attention than it should because it’s SO loud and SO vocal about it’s hate. If you’re someone with a little common sense (and we all know that it’s rare enough now that there’s even a book called The Death of Common Sense) then you realize that people like the WBC need to be ignored and not taken seriously. In the same vein, radfems who spout that “all heterosexual sex is rape” need to be ignored and not taken seriously.

      And I don’t particularly care if he notices it. He didn’t bother to post his little attack on her blog. Instead, he posted it on his and linked back to her blog – hoping that a pingback would alert her to his attack. I did the same, without any real hope or care if he notices it.

      As for your assertion that the Internet isn’t a safe space for anyone…well, isn’t that why they made block/ignore/report buttons? Because assholes like your and yours can be barred from ever commenting on a single thing I say ever again. Yeah, you can make a safe space for yourself on the Internet. Not to mention that – unless you’re blessed to be popular/famous/in the public eye to begin with – you’re pretty much doing nothing but screaming into the void. The chance that people are going to notice you and care, especially at first, is low. It’s almost non-existent. As it stands, I’ve been active on the Internet in a bunch of ways since the early 2000s so I have a small following. It doesn’t make the Internet “unsafe.” If you can be found, yeah people can comment on it. Finding it to begin with is pretty low. So you actually do have a pretty safe space to talk to yourself. I mean, that’s really what we all do. Not a lot of people care to read what we write, even on Facebook. How much of an interest do you really take in your friends blabbering on about the new video game the got or whatever. Not a lot. Chances are you scroll right by and only get the gist of what they’re saying.

      If you haven’t noticed, I don’t really give a shit who reads what I write. I write for the sake of writing itself and only made the comment because Sophia came to me distressed and asked if I could help her. She was concerned that she wasn’t acting as benevolent as she could. She wondered why he didn’t really bother to listen to her; if it was something in the way she was saying it or how she was behaving. However, as I began investigating the thing, I got more and more pissed off at how a grown man was behaving to a young girl. And because I work in customer service and I deal with jerk-offs on a regular basis, I get really, really fed up with immature behavior really fucking quickly. So once I’m pissed off, I have to let that out. As a psychologist-in-training I understand that I have some obsessive-thinking tendencies. If I’m upset, I consistently think about it, over and over and over again. So I write. I let it out and it makes me feel better. It’s called a coping strategy. I’ve never once thought that anybody on the planet besides my close friends and family would give a shit what I write about; my opinions, my stories…any of it.

      As it stands, I don’t particularly care if you read this response or if you don’t. I don’t care if you comment back. I don’t give a shit about your pithy little jab at my non-existent sensitive spot. I’m a Cancer, the crab. I’ve got a really hard fucking shell. Frankly, I had to develop one; I’m too overly emotional to properly function in life otherwise. So do it. Come at me. I dare you


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