Oh look, a WB apart from a review!

Mostly because I don’t believe this deserves to be tacked onto the end of a review the way some of them can be.

What is the most important thing your parents or guardians taught you as a child?

I could quote my dad word for word.  He always said “Never say you can’t do something.  You can do anything you want to.  When you say you can’t, it simply means that you won’t.  You won’t because maybe you’re too scared or you doubt yourself.  But never say that you can’t.”  Coming from my dad, this has a lot of truth to it.  My dad’s in a wheelchair.  His whole life has been filled with other people telling him he can’t do something.  My dad doesn’t let that stop him.

So I don’t say “I can’t” anymore.  I mean, obviously there are limitations to this.  I am short (5 foot even.)  So when I say I can’t reach something, I usually can’t.  I do try though.  I don’t say I can’t without first having tried.  Sometimes stepladders don’t help much either.  I’m physically small, and I’m not trying to be a weightlifter, so no, I can’t lift 200 lbs, I only weigh 120-ish.

But in terms of my life goals?  Never say never.  I never think “Oh I can’t be a pop star.”  I instead think that “Well, I could, but I have to get over my fear/get some more money/various other obstacle and go and do an audition for America’s Got Talent or American Idol or something.”  I never think “I’ll never be a comic book writer.”  Instead I think “Well, I’m not a very good artist, but if I keep writing, maybe one day I can collaborate with someone who can draw and we’ll make a great comic book.  I just have to put myself out there.”

There are always going to be obstacles.  Life is not made to be easy.  But you have to think of ways to get around those obstacles.  Don’t just give up and say you can’t.

That’s the most important life lesson my family ever taught me.


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