The Adjustment Bureau

Warning!  May Contain Spoilers
Don’t like?  Watch the movie first.

I had been interested in this movie awhile back now, but didn’t get to see it until it came out on HBO and my dad decided he wanted to see it.  I was under the impression it was more “thriller” and less “romantic” but it was a watchable movie in any case.

Matt Damon plays a man named David Norris.  David is a congressman running for an office in the Senate.  He loses his first run at the seat and when rehearsing his speech, he meets a woman in the bathroom hiding.  Their moment ends in a kiss and David delivers a fantastic, candid speech that makes him a frontrunner for the race.  According to The Powers That Be in this flick, that’s the only time these two should have met.  But, due to a screw-up on one of TPTB parts, they meet again and there’s obviously attraction.  David goes into his office to find TPTB doing their work, they explain everything to him and life goes on.  But he can’t get this chicky out of his head and works hard to see her again.  Turns out, in previous versions of the Master Plan, they were supposed to be together.  And they work hard to be together despite the Master Plan.

Mostly that’s the plot anyway.  Like I said, the trailer makes it look more thriller-y than it actually was.  But in some ways, I think I like that more than the other way around.  It was a really good romance, and sure it had its exciting and thrilling moments, but it was a love story deep down.  If they had tried to do it the other way, I get this feeling that the love story would’ve been much more cheesy and I would’ve hated it.

Matt Damon’s character is awesome.  He’s realistic, down to Earth and a complete fool in love.  He’s so easy to relate to and to fall in love with.  He has stupid moments but he’s deep down a fantastic guy.  And Emily Blunt plays his love interest, Elise, and her character is also very complete.  She reacts exactly how I might expect a love interest to react to some things.  Part of it is that (especially when you find out that these two were supposed to hook up in previous versions of the plan) sometimes her actions don’t exactly seem like what happens when you randomly meet somebody and then don’t see them for a long time.  But when you hear information like what I previously mentioned, then things start to make a little more sense.

And as I mentioned before the movie does do what it’s supposed to.  While I was expecting a thriller instead of a romance, the romance was well written and believable and the parts that were supposed to be thrilling definitely had me on the edge of my seat.  So the story does what the directors/etc wanted them to do.  Points in that direction.  And it looks pretty good.  It’s got a kind of grey scale look, no real bright splashes of color or beauty that stands out from the norm.  But it’s not bland or blah.  It looks like New York (and various other places) but with a sort of old-school gangster suit bent.  And the music enhanced the atmosphere quite well.

Final Thoughts:  It’s a really well put together movie, despite the fact that it’s not quite what the trailer made it out to be.  It definitely gets a 4 – 4.5 stars (out of 5) because it was a great movie but not maybe an instant favorite.


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