A Quick WB Catch-Up

So I totally know I need to catch up on my WB questions (I have like 175 waiting for me :-/) so I decided that I was gonna do like 5 of them right in a row and maybe have a little something to post. I think I’ll probably do another review today too. ūüôā It’s spring break for my college so I have three full days of no work and no school to get some of this done.

WB #1:

If you could enter any fictional realm, which would it be?

This is one of those questions where I tell you I can’t pick one. ¬†Again.

The reason for this is because I am, by nature, a fangirl. ¬†So there are a lot of worlds I have fan-ed over and that I would adore living in. If we’re down to just one I think I might pick Middle Earth because it is the most well-rounded. ¬†However, I have a confession to make:

I’m writing my own comic book, with a friend. ¬†We’re using the superhero world he created and the character from the world I created. ¬†In a nutshell, my character has the ability to jump through different dimensions using a portable portal she created, so she can go literally anywhere she can think of.

Well originally, this character was a really bad Mary Sue and the portal thing was a way to self-insert her into¬†everything. ¬†Now, you’ll be pleased to know that when I wrote this Mary Sue character I was all of 14. ¬†It’s been 10 years, so this character is now much, much more developed. ¬†But the bad fanfiction that was the basis of this character’s life is being reworked into an actual world too. ¬†And the fanfiction was very multi-fandom. ¬†So just as an idea of where I might like to live, using this Mary Sue character as a base, these were all the fandoms/worlds I covered

The feudal world of Inuyasha
The demon world of Yu Yu Hakusho
The world of Naruto
The (forgive how this will sound) magical world of Harry Potter
The various Disney/Final Fantasy worlds of Kingdom Hearts
Domino City from YuGiOh
and various other situations (think Criminal Minds and Once Upon a Time.)

Yeah, I’m bad. ¬†I’m getting better though!

WB #2:

Cats or Dogs — Which do you prefer and why?


I am a cat person. ¬†Not that I don’t like dogs. ¬†I love puppies. ¬†I will play with dogs til kingdom come. ¬†But I don’t wanna own them.

For one, I am allergic to both dog and cat saliva. ¬†Cat’s lick a whole hell of a lot less than dogs. ¬†I love doggy kisses but I have to be careful where I let them lick me or I itch like hell afterward. ¬†Cats…not so much of a worry.

Two, I am also allergic to cat and dog hair.  But since I would never own a small lap dog, and I would own a big dog, I would have much more of a problem with hair control.  Which would make me sneeze and be stuffy a lot more than cats have ever made me.  You can fix it with brushing but I find brushing cats easier than brushing dogs and much less messy and time-consuming.

Three, cats require less out of you. ¬†I am a busy college kid who works. ¬†I used to spend a lot of time just not coming home for like 20 hours. ¬†With my cat, I can leave him out a lot of food before I leave and it will probably last by the time I get home. ¬†They have a nice litter box and I don’t have to worry about anything. ¬†But I can’t leave a dog for that long. ¬†Dogs need to be walked on a regular basis. ¬†Also, dogs need more attention to be happy. ¬†If you’re gone a lot, dogs get depressed. ¬†But cats are loners. ¬†When you’re home, they’ll love you but when you’re gone they could care less. ¬†You get in the door and they look at you like “oh, it’s you again.” ¬†Dogs can’t handle being alone all that time.

Cats also tend to be a bit quieter (though that depends on the cat) and I don’t think that they eat quite as much so you might be spending less money on the food bit (though you may also make up for that in buying cat litter.) ¬†That’s another thing that I like better about cats. ¬†Now, I grew up with a cat that definitely needed his litter box cleaned every day because he was a bit neurotic. ¬†But my most recent cat was different. ¬†If I cleaned that box more than once a week, he wouldn’t use it. ¬†It needed a certain amount of him in there for it to work. ¬†Dogs you pick up after (or at least, that’s what you’re supposed to do) right after every dump. ¬†Cats you clean up after every 24 hours at the most.

So yeah, I like kitties better. ¬†ūüôā

WB #3:

What is the most timeless article of clothing or fashion accessory?

The little black dress.

The little black dress looks good on everyone. ¬†There’s a variety of styles so you can find one that’s edgy or conservative and one to fit your specific body style. ¬†Black makes everyone look good; makes you look slimmer and more consistent in your shape. ¬†It’s perfect for any season, for pretty much any event. ¬†Every woman should have one.

It’s the most timeless thing I can think of.

WB #4:

Which is your favorite of the seven dwarfs?

There are two ways to answer this. ¬†There’s the original Disney¬†Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs¬†animated movie, and then there’s the new ABC series¬†Once Upon a Time.

In the original version my favorite is probably Sneezy because of how he’s always interrupted by his sneezes and how they blow everyone and everything across the room. ¬†But I didn’t really like the movie. ¬†I never have. ¬†I mean, it was good for it’s time (the thing was made in the 30’s/40’s) but I found Snow White to just be too…bland. ¬†She’s a damsel in distress and that’s about it. ¬†There’s nothing really remarkable enough about her to endear me to her. ¬†I just find the whole movie kinda boring and blah.

On the other hand, I adore¬†Once Upon a Time. ¬†It is my new fan obsession. ¬†This show is entirely amazing. ¬†I adore Snow White in it, she’s a badass bitch, and even Prince Charming isn’t exactly charming all the time. ¬†They’ve added all the fairytales together and thrown in a few legends (things that aren’t strictly fairytales, like King Midas) in for good measure. ¬†So of course, they’ve started to do the dwarfs.

Which means that my favorite dwarf is now Grumpy (formerly named Dreamy actually. ¬†And he was in love with a fairy but he was convinced to break up with her and that turned him from Dreamy to Grumpy.) ¬†He’s now a badass and a smartass too. ¬† Him and the dwarfs are gonna help Snow rescue Prince Charming from his father King George.

(Psst:  I like Snow and Charming, but I adore the Rumbelle pairing (Rumplestiltskin and Belle, the OuaT version of Beauty and the Beast.))

WB #5:

What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor?

Thin Mint!

This is kind of an easy one to answer. ¬†All I ever buy are Thin Mint cookies. ¬†They are made of amazing. ¬†I think I bought like 5 or 6 boxes this year. ¬†Kinda mad my boyfriend ate the last box. ¬†He didn’t realize you can only get them at certain times of the year. ¬†Though really happy that Edy’s ice cream makes a Limited Edition Thin Mint ice cream. ¬†ūüôā

Now time to go get dressed, go shopping and clean the garage!


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