Supernatural Season 1 Episode Ratings and Review

Supernatural Season 1 Episode Ratings

Out of 5

Pilot – 4
Wendigo – 4
Dead in the Water – 4
Phantom Traveler – 2.5
Bloody Mary – 4
Skin – 4
Hook Man – 4
Bugs – 3.5
Home – 4
Asylum – 3.5
Scarecrow – 3.5
Faith – 4
Route 666 – 4
Nightmare – 4
The Benders – 3.5
Shadow – 3.5
Hell House – 4.5
Something Wicked – 4.5
Provenance – 4
Dead Man’s Blood – 4.5
Salvation – 3.5
Devil’s Trap – 4.5

Average Rating – 3.88

Supernatural Season 1 Review

So, this show isn’t really all that good. I’m only watching it because one of my best friends is a huge fangirl for the series and she really wants me to see everything she’s talking about.

The show focuses on two main characters: the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean. Sam is the younger one who never wanted to be a part of this life and who gets dragged back into it when his girlfriend is killed by the same thing that killed their mom. Dean is the cocky yet overprotective older brother who is probably the funniest of the two. It’s the fact that he loves this job that makes him so cocky and oh the dialogue.

The boys are hunters, and they hunt supernatural beings like ghosts and demons. They got into this life when their mom was gruesomely killed when Sam was a baby and Dean was a small kid. Dad figured out what had killed their mom and went hunting for it, encountering other things on the way and teaching his kids all he knew. Dean took up the life, Sam left it for college and normality.

As I said, the dialogue is probably the best part of the show. The brothers have some of the best banter going on since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the quips and puns are about the same caliber. I think the other thing I like about it is that, unlike some other ghost shows, they live underground. You can’t hold down a regular job and do this. They pretty much do everything illegal in the book. The pose as police officers and FBI agents, they get credit cards in phony names and never pay them, there’s breaking and entering along with probably illegal possession of firearms. It seems more realistic this way than in some of the other shows that try to balance them being absolute good guys with freaky stuff. In this, they embrace the freaky and stop being quite so good, because the greater good is more important than a few felonies.

But besides those few upsides, the show is kinda forgettable. The two overarching plot threads are the boys trying to find their father and their father and them trying to find the demon that killed their mother. Other than that, each episode is kind of self-contained. You don’t need to know a lot about what happened before to pick up on the episode. It helps if you know the backstory and what they’re talking about, because they reference it a lot, but it’s not necessarily crucial to understanding the episode. A lot of the episodes are kind of forgettable (there’s one in particular that’s rated low because I honestly can’t remember a thing about it.) Although there’s some bits and pieces of each episode that are memorable. They’ve had some interesting monsters with interesting ways to destroy them too, so I give them credit there. You don’t really get any resolution on the big plot until the end of the season and of course it ends that on the cliche cliff-hanger.

So it’s not brain crack like some shows, but it’s not as forgettable as Unforgettable or as horridly bad as The New Girl. So I would catch this show in the middle of the day during reruns, but I might not necessarily watch every new episode as it came out.


2 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 1 Episode Ratings and Review

  1. I just watched the first few episodes of Supernatural, and I think I agree with your review. I am looking for a good new show to watch, though, and I’d like to know what you consider “brain crack” as a place to start :).

    1. “Lost” was a really good example of brain crack. More recently, I’ve found myself feeling the same way about “Once Upon a Time.” I have heard the same thing about “Fringe” but having tried to watch that show, kinda like “Lost” it’s one you need to pick up at the very beginning or you’ll be lost. Most of the new stuff coming out isn’t brain crack, it’s just entertaining. I think the only other show I can possibly categorize as a “don’t miss” one is “Smash” but that’s because I love musicals.

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