The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode Ratings and Review

The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode Ratings

Out of 5

Pilot – 4
The Big Bran Hypothesis – 4
The Fuzzy Boots Corollary – 4.5
The Luminous Fish Effect – 5
The Hamburger Postulate – 4
The Middle-Earth Paradigm – 4
The Dumpling Paradox – 4
The Grasshopper Experiment – 3.5
The Cooper-Hofstadter Polerization – 5
The Loobenfeld Decay – 3.5
The Pancake Batter Anomaly – 4
The Jerusalem Duality – 4
The Bat Jar Conjecture – 4
The Nerdvana Annihilation – 4
The Pork Chop Indeterminancy – 4
The Peanut Reaction – 3.5
The Tangerine Factor – 4.5

Average Rating – 4.08

The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Review

So this is the first season of the show The Big Bang Theory.

It’s a sitcom, so there’s really no overarching plot line.  The biggest thing that runs through the show is that one of the nerd characters is trying to date the show’s main hottie.  That’s the biggest thread throughout the show.  Other than that and some reoccurring jokes (mostly occurring with one of the character’s ticks,) each episode appears to be pretty self-contained, so you could pick up almost anywhere and understand what’s going on.

And each episode is rather sitcom formulaic too.  You get some ridiculous and exaggerated problem that ends up getting fixed (or the equivalent of) by the end of the episode.  The only real difference between this and most sitcoms is that there is a lot of nerdy problems in this and the romantic aspect is extremely more awkward than should be possible.

There are five main characters: four nerds who are all friends and the really hot girl who just moved into the apartment across the hall.  Penny is the hot chick.  She’s a skinny blond and pretty much has that stereotype down pat, with a few exceptions.  She’s from Nebraska, so throw in a couple “popular chick at redneck high” stereotypes and BAM!  You’ve got Penny.  She’s not exactly bright and it’s a source of some of the problems in the show.  The four friends are the real comedy of the bit.  Two of them are roommates, living across the hall: Sheldon and Leonard.

Sheldon is a genius of Spencer Reid proportions and, just like Reid, says things that he doesn’t mean to be funny but still are.  The only difference is that Sheldon’s brain has given him a few “quirks” so to speak.  He’s incredibly OCD so there are a few ticks you  notice from him as things go on.  Like how he has to knock on a door three times and after every knock, call out the name of the person he’s looking for.  A couple good examples of it can be found in this video here.  He’s also annoyingly egocentric.  Which is annoying not just for us but the characters he interacts with.  He pretty much believes himself to be the smartest person alive and, because of that, he is better than everyone else.

Leonard is almost genius-level, and both Leonard and Sheldon are high-level physicists.  So they’re incredibly smart and occasionally talk about things you’re definitely not going to understand unless you take physics yourself.  Leonard, unlike Sheldon however, has a craving for sex, relationships and general human contact that doesn’t register with Sheldon.  Sheldon is accused of being robot-like on occasion and he has to be taught various things about human interaction that seem normal to you and I.

The other two are Howard and Raj, who are friends of the two roommates.  Howard is annoyingly Jewish and sex-obsessed while being way too misogynistic (but his mother is quite funny) and Raj is an Indian who can’t speak to women unless drunk.  They’re not more than annoying side characters but when they have moments together they’re amusingly like a gay couple.  Howard is the only one who does not have a Ph.D (ergo, he’s not a doctor.  He is, in fact, an engineer who graduated with a Master’s from MIT and works on a lot of NASA projects.)  and this is a source of constant trouble for  him.

The jokes from this are of a kind that you’re either going to get, or you’re not.  And you’re gonna feel one of two ways about them.  The jokes are pretty much all nerd/geek related.  Either you’re going to get what they’re talking about (comic book, video game, cult movie – wise) or you’re gonna be lost.  And if you get the jokes, you’re either gonna find the show absolutely hilarious or be totally offended by it.  I’ve pretty much seen no middle ground there.

But the first season is amusing and while it’s not a must follow show of the sort that Lost and the like has been, it’s definitely something I’ll watch if I see it on (and now that it’s in syndication, it’s on an awful lot.)


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