Writer’s Block: Bless You! + Update

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So I’m doing this on my boyfriend’s computer now because of the like…six computers in this house, only his still works.  It’s annoying, but my dad should be buying a new laptop for himself soon and I’m very soon to be getting back in school which means a new laptop for me as well.  But it does mean I’m a little bit behind in my writing as the only word processor I have is Google Docs and I can only use this computer when my boyfriend is either working or sleeping.

But I did get to do a Writer’s Block question today.  The question was:

What are you allergic to?

And that tends to be a long answer for me because sadly, I happen to be allergic to just about everything except food and medicine.  I have no known food allergies, nor am I allergic to any common medicines.  Most of my allergies are either sinus-affecting or skin-affecting.

The list of allergies