Nail Art

So, I kinda like nail art.  Every time some woman comes through my line with pretty acrylic nails and a gorgeous airbrush design I sigh in happiness.  I love pretty things and I think nails are as much an accessory to an outfit as makeup and jewelry are.

But, I never wanted to pay the money for those pretty nails.  I just bought cheap nail polish in pretty colors and painted them once a week.  The most inventive thing I did was put glitter over the color or do more than one color on a hand.

Then…well then I stumbled across a particular YouTube channel.  Okay so this is how that happened.  I happen to be subscribed to a few different dancing channels on YouTube.  Especially the Para Para dancing channels.  So I was looking through Lexy’s videos (because she’s done that Caramelldansen dance I like so much so I keep up on her awesome work) and she did a collaboration with this girl named Uxi.  Uxi has done some awesome Para Para work too so I started looking at her stuff.  Well she did this nail art contest for a woman called 3TanjaJ3.  Turns out Tanja here does really fancy nail art in a really simple way.

I started watching her videos and when I realized how simple her tricks were, I started trying to mimic them myself.  Turns out it really is as easy as it looks so I started trying to do my own things.  Like this one:

White with dark purple french tip and flower petals

Really wasn’t much work actually.  I’ve discovered that you can buy a detail brush at the dollar store for next to nothing so that you can use any color you own in your own art.  There’s a way to do designs like spiders and stuff on your non-dominant hand without having to work really hard at it.

Some designs look a lot more difficult than they are.  For instance:

A gradient of yellow orange and red with a black crackle coat.

This look was achieved by taking a makeup sponge, dipping it in the colors (red, yellow and orange) and sponging them on in layers.  Then I bought one of those new trendy crackle top coats (I have the Avon Mosaic Effects one, but I’ve heard good things about Claire’s and O.P.I.’s) and put it on top of the gradient.  Looks a bit like leopard spots without being leopard spots.

By far, I am totally pleased with my new Halloween art.  I had done just an orange color (I’ve been using Sinful Colors Professional in “Courtney Orange” for all of this) with the Avon coat but I wanted something a bit more interesting and Halloween-y without being too plain or too cliched.  Like, I didn’t want to do bats or spiders or anything like that but I didn’t just want to do black and orange either.

So I came out with this:

Can you guess what it's supposed to look like?

I did a purple on the outside nails (Milani Neon in “Rad Purple”) the usual orange on the middle nail and a bio-hazard green (Sinful Colors Professional in “Irish Green”) on the other two nails.  Then I did the Avon top coat (I really really love that stuff.  Also, bought it on sale from the catalog for like $3 where these things usually go for anywhere from $5 – $10.)

But after that I took my red striper (a striper is a long, thin bottle of nail polish with a long and thin brush.  Perfect for making stripes, obviously.  Mine is from Absolute! and you can find it (or L.A. Colors makes good ones) at dollar stores.) and (yes I ramble on) I made it look like blood on the tips of my nail.

I was trying to make it look like I had just gotten my fingers bloody after getting my manicure done.

A close up of the blood dripping from my nails. Mwahaha!

So the effect looks something like that.  I don’t think I did too badly.  What other looks should I try out in the weeks coming?


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