Lost Season 1 Episode Ratings and Review

Lost Season 1 Episode Ratings

Out of Five

Pilot (Part 1) – 5
Pilot (Part 2) – 5
Tabula Rasa – 4.5
Walkabout – 4.5
White Rabbit – 4
House of the Rising Sun – 4
The Moth – 4.5
Confidence Man – 4.5
Solitary – 5
Raised By Another – 5
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues – 5
Whatever the Case May Be – 4
Hearts and Minds – 4.5
Special – 4
Homecoming – 4
Outlaws – 3.5
…In Translation – 3.5
Numbers – 4
Deus Ex Machina – 4.5
Do No Harm – 4.5
The Greater Good – 4
Born to Run – 4
Exodus (Part 1) – 4.5
Exodus (Part 2) – 5

Average Rating – 4.6

Lost Season 1 Review

I started rewatching Lost once the last season came out on DVD.  I had originally watched it when it first started and stayed pretty up-to-date until the fourth (I think) season when I had started working and couldn’t be around to watch it and my family didn’t like DVR-ing anything for me.

The first season, in my opinion, was pretty fantastic.  It set up a lot of different and interesting plot threads and gave everything a nice sense of the mysterious.

We discover the French woman (Danielle Rousseau) through a looping transmission and how she’s been a victim of being trapped on the island as well.  She connects us to two mysteries: that of the numbers that rule Hurley’s life and that of The Others.

The numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.  They are the numbers that are pretty essential in Hurley’s life and they are the numbers that brought Danielle to the Island, along with also being engraved on the mysterious hatch.

The Others are those that Danielle claims inhabit the Island and made her crew sick (after which she killed them) and kidnapped her baby, Alex.  At this point, they are a sinister group of possibly native Island inhabitants (although the revelation that one of the “survivors” wasn’t on the manifest and was part of The Others nixes that idea.)  They definitely like kidnapping children, as evidence by their abduction of Rousseau’s baby and of Claire at one point during the season.

The hatch is discovered by Locke and Boone at one point during their attempt at tracking and retrieving Claire after she’s been kidnapped.  We don’t know what’s inside it, only that once they dig it up, they have a huge amount of trouble opening it and do so only after procuring some dynamite.

There are a number of small mysteries as well.  Like, if they’re on a tropical island, why are there polar bears trying to kill them?  Where did that drug plane come from?  Who was in it and did they die?  Also, how the hell is there a huge ship wrecked in the middle of the jungle?  It’s very odd and makes you wonder what is really up with this island.

I know some of this stuff doesn’t make a lot of sense.  It’s discoveries of things you really only find by actually watching the show.

The mysteries surround a group of survivors of a plane crash, Oceanic Flight 815.  It’s the crash and it’s direct aftermath that make up the first two episodes.  We discover these mysteries while watching this group of people (which is much larger than just the main characters but we forget about everything else) try to survive with no real knowledge of how to.  They discover, through finding the cockpit of the plane up a tree after the crash, that the plane was a thousand miles off course and had lost radio transmission hours before they went down.  No one knows where they are.  They discover the French transmission while trying to get a signal for the transceiver they find.  Most of their involvement in the mysteries is entirely coincidental and that’s also one of the things that endears us to what’s going on in the show.

The main group of survivors is as follows:

Jack Shephard is a surgeon who went into medicine like his dad.  After discovering his dad operating drunk and believing that to be the cause of a patient death, his dad left for Austraila.  When Jack goes to find him, he finds his corpse, his dad having died from alcohol poisoning.  He was transporting his father back to LA when the plane crashes.  Jack is the impromptu leader of the group, making most of the decisions that affect them and leading all their attempts at surviving and getting rescued.  His knowledge in medicine is VERY handy.

Kate Austen is Jack’s love interest (of sorts, you can definitely tell there’s tension.)  She is a fugitive, on the run for a number of things, including robbing a bank and inadvertently killing her ex-boyfriend and childhood pal.  She had been caught by a US Mashal and was being extradited back to the US when the plane went down.  The Marshal didn’t survive.  She is a mystery of herself, with a limited knowledge of surviving but more people are curious to know what happened to her to make her a fugitive, since we haven’t seen the very beginning of her story.

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes is the character for whom the mystery of the numbers is essential.  The numbers won him the lottery and soon after, a whole bunch of bad luck hit him.  His grandfather dies, his brother’s wife leaves him and his mother breaks her ankle when the house Hurley bought her goes up in flames.  He is also falsely arrested as a drug dealer.  He returns to an asylum he used to be at a lot (I can’t tell whether as a patient or a volunteer) and talks to a man named Leonard, who constantly repeats the numbers.  He tells Leonard that he used the numbers to win the lottery and Leonard tells him the numbers are bad.  He finds who Leonard used to be partners with and visits the man’s widow, where it is revealed that the man had a string of bad luck with the numbers as well and eventually ended his life with a shotgun to the head.  He was on his way back from this trip when the plane went down and his bad luck holds throughout getting on the plane.  He asks Danielle Rousseau if she knows about the numbers and she agrees with him that they are indeed cursed.  The numbers are also the reason why he didn’t want people opening the hatch.

James “Sawyer” Ford is a con man looking for the man who conned his family out of their life savings and caused his father to kill his mother and then himself.  He took on the name of the man that had conned them and tracks the man to Australia.  After a meeting with Jack’s father, he goes and kills the man he thinks is Sawyer, but is revealed not to be.  It is afterward that he causes some trouble in a bar and is deported back to America.  Not much else is known about this man, except that his idea of surviving is hoarding necessary items and forcing the other survivors to trade for them.

Michael Dawson and Walt Lloyd are a father and son.  When Michael was younger, the woman he had Walt with fled to take a better job as a lawyer, and married another man in Australia.  For years she wouldn’t let him see his son or give Walt the letters Michael wrote for him.  After she died of a mysterious blood disease, Michael got Walt back.  The boy’s step-father mentioned Walt being “weird.”  He certainly seems to have a way of making things happen and a precognitive sense.  Walt is mostly the interesting one in that pair.  Michael, however, is building a raft to try and get some rescue and help for the others.  He takes Walt, Sawyer and Jin with him, but it doesn’t end well.  Walt gets kidnapped.  Michael, Jin and Sawyer are shot at.  They are the owners of the dog Vince.

John Locke is the most mysterious man on the island.  Proclaiming himself a “man of faith,” he believes the island has mysterious healing properties and the ability to show people their destinies.  Part of this belief comes from his own history.  Locke was a man paralyzed from the waist down when the plane crashed.  He was in Australia to go on a nature hike that he was barred from because of his condition.  Now he has full use of his legs.  His history is definitely sorted.  We don’t know why he was paralyzed.  But we do know that he grew up with adopted parents and when he finally met his real parents it was to end up with his dad and mom conning him into giving a kidney to the father who really didn’t give a shit about him.  Locke is still somehow an able tracker and hunter despite his previous paralysis.  He is one of the men that finds the hatch and unburies it and wishes to open it.

Sayid Jarrah is a former Iraqi Republican Guard who ended up in Australia looking for the woman he loved that he helped to escape from prison.  He lost a friend in the process, after turning the man in for terrorism to the FBI in exchange for information on her.  His military training gives him a distinct set of skills, especially in areas of communication technologies.

Sayid has formed a romance with Shannon Rutherford, who was returning from Austraila with her brother Boone Carlyle.  Shannon is a spoiled, pretty rich girl who for years has been calling her brother (step-brother really) to bail her out of bad situations.  She doesn’t do much for herself but the island is gradually changing her selfish ways.  Her knowledge of French has come in handy, especially in dealing with some of Danielle Rousseau’s writings.  Boone is the chief operator of his mother’s wedding business and is also rich, but is much more willing to learn and help out than Shannon is.  He discovers the hatch with Locke and wants to open it up as well but he doesn’t hold with some of Locke’s secrets.  It ends up getting him killed by the end of the season.

Sun-Hwa Kwon and Jin-Soo Kwon (Sun and Jin usually) are a married Korean couple on their way to America for some business for Sun’s father that Jin has to carry out.  Sun doesn’t know just how mafia-like her dad can be and has been making life hell for Jin.  Jin puts up with it because that’s how he gets to be with Sun but he can’t tell her that and it’s been putting a strain on their relationship.  Sun was going to leave Jin and escape to America but he changed her mind.  They didn’t know they were trying to escape together.  His strict Korean ways has made her a tad resentful of him, but she still loves him and wants to be with him.  He says that leaving on the raft is the best way for him to save her.  She learned English in order to run away and it’s her greatest secret for a while.

Claire Littleton is a pregnant woman with a very odd history.  After her boyfriend leaves her (he can’t take the pressure of being a dad so soon) she hooks up with this psychic who tells her that no one can raise the baby but her or bad things will happen. She tries to have it adopted but can’t and goes back to the man only to have him give her plane tickets to America so an American couple can adopt the baby.  Once on the island, she is kidnapped by the faceless “Others” because of her child.  When she returns, she has no memory of the event, or of the plane crash and the people she met.

Charlie Pace is the rockstar heroin addict who falls in love with Claire.  He helps her with the pregnancy (including a jar of imaginary peanut butter for her cravings) and afterward with baby Aaron himself.  He gets himself off the drugs only to find a plane full of heroin (the spot where Boone died after finding a working radio in the plane.  The plane fell off the cliff it was perched on.)  His semi-famous state has been his biggest bragging point and his biggest insecurity.

Those are the main survivors and we learn about them and the mysteries during each episode.  Most episodes follow the backstory of one survivor in flashbacks.  The rest of the episode furthers the plots and mysteries.  It’s an interesting way to tell the stories.

The engaging cast and mysteries are what made this show worth watching.  It’s not hard to see how this show became “TV crack” to some people.


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