Amazing Chef Amy!

It feels so very good to be in a clean kitchen again.  To not have to fight night and day against dirty dishes and dirty counters and a dirty stove and dirty floors.  Now that I have a clean kitchen at my disposal (though I will admit that I dislike the barely functioning electric stove I now have to deal with) I definitely have felt like cooking more.  Hard to want to cook in a kitchen that nobody but me wants to keep clean.

So since I’ve got a clean kitchen and I’ve been cooking, I’ve come up with a few “recipes” of my own.  All of these are really easy to do and don’t require too much shopping or preparation or anything.  I don’t really have the time to come up with complex things that take half a day to make or equipment I have to lug out.

I brought this pasta salad with me when my dad and I went to Shakespeare in the Park.  We had it with ham and turkey sandwiches on whole wheat Kaiser rolls (Daddy had sliced bleu cheese on his sandwich.)

Light Summer Pasta Salad


1 box mixed pasta rotini (wheat, spinach, tomato pasta)
6 or more grape tomatoes, quartered
¼ red onion, diced
6 or more black olives, halved
1 celery, chopped
Garlic or garlic powder
Italian seasoning
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar or vinaigrette


1 carrot, chopped
3-6 mushrooms, sliced


Boil pasta according to directions.  Cook a little longer so pasta is a little softer than al dente.  Drain and rinse with cold water.  Put pasta back in pot and add veggies and seasonings to taste.

The next thing I made was done on one of those days this year when it was way, way too hot to be running a stove and doing much cooking.  The heat also made us not too hungry, so this was very light and perfect for dinner.

Easy Cheesey Quesadilla


2 flour or wheat tortillas
Mexican blended cheese or various cheese shredded together


Add cheese to the side of one tortilla.  Layer it thick and almost to the end of the tortilla.  Cover with the other tortilla and bake about 5-8 minutes on one side at 300-350 degrees.  Flip and bake again another 3-5 minutes.

And today, since I hadn’t gone shopping yet and there was no cereal in the house, my daddy suggested eggs.  So we had this with cottage cheese and peaches for me and plain yogurt with vanilla extract, pineapples and shaved coconut for him.

Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwiches


Eggs (2 per sandwich)
1-2 tsp butter
Whole grain bread (sunflower bread was used)


Cheese, any kind (1 slice per sandwich)
Green peppers, onions, tomatoes and/or mushrooms, sliced
Ketchup, jelly or other condiments


In a medium frying pan, melt down 1 tsp of butter to coat the bottom of the pan.  Crack two eggs into the frying pan, breaking the yolks. Cook until they are browning on the edges and can move freely around the pan.  Flip the eggs to the other side and brown through.  Meanwhile toast two pieces of bread to desired level.  Before removing eggs, melt one slice of cheese on top of the eggs, if so desired.  Also, slice any vegetables desired.  When eggs are done place one on top of the other on the bread.  Add any other vegetables and condiments on top of the eggs and close with the other piece of bread.

Today for dinner, we’re doing garlic rubbed grilled pork chops with my Butter Crusted Scalloped Tomatoes and a fruit cocktail.

Bon appetite!


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