WB: See the Music

Cross-posted to LiveJournal.

I forgot to do this yesterday!

I actually answered one of the Writer’s Block questions that have been building up in my inbox.

What’s your favorite music video of all time?

It’s harder for me to judge something like this than it is for me to pick a best video/song of the year.  Working within a specific time frame gives me less to look at then looking through my very wide tastes of music ever does.

So, suffice it to say, in answering this I’m definitely looking at it from a more personal preference perspective than a critical one.  When you have such a wide range of stuff to look at, you tend to start looking with songs that you hold as personal favorites first.

And, in case anybody doesn’t know, my favorite song happens to be Crazy Town’s “Butterfly.”

Hence, it shall also be my nomination for favorite video ever as well.

Reasons: first, because the song and the music video match.  I really dislike a music video that doesn’t match what the song says.  You obviously don’t have to tell a story during the video (but I most definitely give you higher points if you do) but at least have your themes matching.  Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” video is probably my biggest pet peeve because of this.  The video could have been an awesome summery, beach-y video and instead we got Candy Land.  *grumble*  Second, I like this video because it’s pretty and fantastical.  I like things that give my imagination something to play with and this does it.  It’s pretty to look at and has some really cool effects considering when it was made (the single came out in 2001, though the album itself was released in 1999.)  The song and the video are vaguely romantic and give it a cute and sexy and loving atmosphere.

So yeah, Crazy Town’s “Butterfly.”


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