NYR Update #2

So, yeah I do this a lot but I think it’s always best to look back and see how far along in your goals you’ve gotten.

So this is my second update on my NYRs.  The first update was a month after I made them, and my second update is now a third of the way into the year.  My third look back should be at the 2/3 mark, so roundabout the end of August.

Resolution #1: Keep up my reading.

I’m pleased to say that I’m doing this in spades.  I figured that, in order to get to my 75 book goal, I had to read at least 25 books total by the end of April.  I have currently read 29.  So I’m four books ahead, which is fantastically good.

In total I have read:

  • Books: 29
  • New Reads: 18
  • Rereads: 11
  • Number of Pages: 8,109 (approximately)

Resolution #2: Learn new dances.

I’ve been doing good at learning one per month with the exception of last month, where I technically learned 2.  So I guess I’m ahead with that as well

The dances I’ve learned are:

Resolution #3: Write more.

Well, sort of.  I’m doing it, but I still have A LOT of stuff to write about and it seems with work that I never really do it.  I also have a video I want to make for somebody and I haven’t gotten to do that either.  However, there are still posts being made.  I’m not ignoring my blogs for months and months at a time anymore and I’m getting back into writing in my actually diary as well, for the stuff I don’t wish to share with the world.  So this one is still progressing, but not as well as the first two.

Resolution #4: Eat better.

Ok, this isn’t going quite as well as I want it to.  I’m doing good, but I’ve definitely started drinking way too much pop again.  I mean, not nearly where I was when I quit it last year (I was drinking something like 100+ fl oz of the stuff a day) but I’m finding myself giving into the craving more and more.

However, working at Subway has allowed me to have way more veggies in my diet.  The downside to this is that I get sick of subs and stuff after a bit and go searching for stuff like pizza and hot dogs.  I have developed a weird addiction to french fries with vinegar now.

Resolution #5: Get my finances together.

I am pleased to say that within four months I have not only caught up on my rent but have eliminated my electric bill debt and have managed my gas bill debt (it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m on a payment plan for that.)  So yay for having completely accomplished something.  Still paying for my bill and phone bill as well, with no hiccups along the way.

Note:  It’s still annoying after you’ve paid your electric bill to have them shut you off anyway.  Which happened to me last month.  I know I’m not the only person who was shut off accidentally, but it’s annoying, especially when they don’t want to admit it was their mistake.  I finally got them to, and to not charge me a reconnection fee.  Loved how they told me to make sure people were home and the breaker was off, only to turn it back on without telling anyone and to have us call after 24 hours and look like dumbasses.  *grumble*  If it weren’t for the fact that I can’t get electric from a different provider…

Resolution #6: Keeping up with correspondence.

I’ll admit, I’m not doing fantastic on this, but since I’m only behind on writing one letter, instead of several letters and emails, means I’m doing scads better than before.

Resolution #7: Current events.

I’ll admit I’m still failing this one, but I could be doing worse.  There are certain things I take an interest in and have planned out things to write about it, but I’m not reading the newspaper everyday and following politics.
And that’s my summary of my ongoing resolutions.  Do you think I’m doing good?


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