Thrifty Book Spending

I love the Goodwill.  Well, technically Amvets, but I love pretty much any thrift store.  Goodwill, Amvets, Salvation Army…you name it I love it.  Not only because I love the idea and the practicality of reusing clothes and expanding my closet for way, way less than anywhere else.  No I love it because it allows me to spend money on my favorite items ever, for really ridiculously cheap.

To see what my passion is (if the title hasn’t given it away…)


Vampire Hunter D Volume 1 Review

Don’t like?  Read the book first.

Vampire Hunter D is a classic in some respects.  The books have spawned 2 animated movies based off of them, and the series itself was running 17 books at last count (in 2007.)  It’s pretty well lauded for being inventive and fantastic and well-written.
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WB: Born To Do It

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Having not had a chance to pick up my writing, getting stuck on some things (aka a new project) on my writing list, and having life pretty much be kicking my ass for the past few days, I’m a little out of order here.  This should be something else I’m posting, but since I’m currently sitting in my boyfriend’s dorm, on his computer instead of my own, then that means I don’t have my handy-dandy little lists with me.  I also have about 30 LiveJournal messages, mostly Writer’s Block questions, that need to get taken care of.  So I’m going to alternate my watching of YouTube videos with my answering some backed up WB things and maybe some various thought-like postings.

Of course, one of the more recent WB questions was right up my alley:

What is your idea of the perfect job? Do you think you’ll ever get it?


WB Unplugged: What Makes Dogs Different?

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Another Writer’s Block Unplugged question I came across and felt had to be answered was this:

An outdoor adventure company recently slaughtered 100 dogs after not seeing the amount of business they expected. Why is that most people are appalled by the actions that this company took, but don’t give a second thought to the number of cows, chickens or sheep that are killed every year on farms? Why do most people have different reactions depending on the animal?

Definitely an interesting topic.

So why is killing dogs different from killing sheep or cows or chickens?

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Recipe: Butter-Crusted Scalloped Tomatoes

So I cooked yesterday, in my (finally) clean kitchen, for pretty much the first time.

Anyone who talks to me knows I like to cook, but I prefer baking.  Baking was kind of tailor-made for me.  I love sweets, I love crafting little sugar-coated delicacies.  I like making desserts pretty as well as tasty.  Cooking is a lot about how a thing tastes.  You add pinches here and dashes there, using the recipe itself as a guideline.  There’s room for more (or less) and a lot of it is edible mistakes.  Baking is much more precise.  You need a specific amount of flour and butter and sugar because otherwise the confection will not taste right.  Many mistakes are not edible (or only barely edible) because of this.  It appeals to my OCD nature.

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