Just a couple of random thoughts.

1) NBC is picking up Wonder Woman for the TV.  Her new costume?  This:

I’m less than thrilled.  Okay so the original costume can be a little NSFW.  But please, give her a skirt or something.  It’s not like the spandex pants are any better than the leotard.  Screw catering to the “concerned parents” and uber-feminist minority.  This is, in a lot of ways, worse.

2) Apparently the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (The people who give out IP addresses and domain names to corporations.)) has decided to approve the use of the .xxx domain name. No more confusion over names, no more stumbling onto porn sites by accident.  Go porn.

PS:  Just found this again.  Click to cry.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Um yeah, less than thrilled. I wasn’t a fan of the original series at all. I hated the way that she mooned over Lyle Waggoner’s character. As if every woman, amazon or not, just couldn’t help themselves.
    And, c’mon really – magic bracelets and a golden rope? Really?
    I just can’t imagine that this Wonder Woman will be any better than the last. I wonder what Linda Carter thinks about all this?

    1. Her crappy superpowers aside, Wonder Woman has never been that bad a comic book character. I loved Frank Miller’s portrayal of her as an uber-feminist because it made so much sense. One thing I hope they do is let her “man up” a little.

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