My First Dance!

So, the boyfriend got some money for his birthday recently and with it, he went out and bought a brand new webcam.  He did this for a couple of reasons.

1) His no longer had working video and Skype-ing was harder without that.

2) He wanted to be able to do vlogs (video blogs) and other sorts of YouTube-postable things in his free time.

3) He wanted me to finally be able to do videos of all the dance covers I’ve been learning.

I’ve wanted to for an age but a) I don’t own a camera of any sort, b) I have no spare money to buy one at all and c) my sister refuses to let me borrow hers [despite the fact that she NEVER uses it.]

So today, I went and tried it out.  The movement capture is not the best.  Especially seeing as how the people I watch the most often (LunaCherry2, paralyzedancer, HelloPeachS, NekoMiki…) have fantastic, expensive, high-quality cameras.  So I’m a bit blurry.  But oh well, at least I’m getting to post it all!

YaYz!  That’s me!

So it’s going hand-in-hand with my NYR of learning a new dance each month (pretty much have this month’s song down.)

This is the dance I’ll be posting next:

Boom Boom Meccha Macho is the name, by a band named Gyaruru.  I absolutely adore the girls from this.  The one in the pink dress is “Abebe” Asami Abe.  She is the sister of famed J-Pop Idol Natsumi Abe.  The blond one is “Sonene” Natsuko Sone.  Typically called Gal Sone, she is actually a competitive eater (as you can see in the story version of the music video.)  But my favorite by far is “Amimi” Ami Tokito.

Ami started out as a gravure idol (or a model doing mostly swimsuit photoshoots.) She used that to become a J-Pop idol before Gyaruru, doing the theme song to School Rumble – Second Term, (I love this live version) along with a few other really catchy songs (including “Tawawa Natsu Bikini,” the dance of which I will eventually learn.)

Yeah, I fangirl a little bit over her and this group.  So sue me.

Also, this is the dance I’m learning this month:


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