WB: Timeless Tales

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I’ve been very behind lately in my LJ inbox, so I tend to get to some of the WB questions a bit late.  One I had wanted to answer was:

What were your favorite books as a child, and why?

My favorite, favorite book I’ve mentioned several times before.  The Secret Garden is something I must have read at least a hundred times if not more.

But as a kid I liked several others things as well.  I read a lot.

In my elementary school days, I was rather fond of Roald Dahl’s books, especially Matilda and Danny, Champion of the World.  I also loved The WitchesBunnicula became a favorite book during that time too.  That was about the time I got introduced to The Chronicles of Narnia as well and fell in love with that series.

But it didn’t take too long for me to graduate to higher level books.  I spent much of middle school reading books that the teachers assigned ahead of the class.  Like Number the Stars and Hatchet. I still adore these books.  Plus I was the librarians’ pet, so I got access to all sorts of things and indulged in some rather embarrassing books. The Sweet Valley High series comes to mind as well as the Full House book spin-offs and The Babysitter’s Club and all it’s spin-offs.  I did also enjoy the Goosebumps books too.

Junior high started me on more adult books.  I discovered Tess Gerritsen in 7th grade when she had just released Harvest and I read that with vigor.  That summer I looked up Bloodline and Life Support and read Gravity when it was released (although I wasn’t nearly as impressed with that one.)  I fell in love with all things Caroline B. Cooney during that time too; her stuff is still gripping despite the massive number of rereads I have clocked on her books.  My dad also managed to get me to read The Hobbit around that time as well.  By 8th grade I was delving into my parent’s books for things like Stephen King (I read The Bachman Books, Deperation, The Regulators and The Green Mile that year) and old college books of theirs.  I got into trouble with Kiss Daddy Goodnight (a case study on incest) until my principle figured out that my parents didn’t mind me reading it.  However, I also started reading Lurlene McDaniel’s books and to this day that woman can still make me cry.

And so the pattern continued, to this day.  I read The Rape of the A.P.E. (American Puritan Ethic) in freshman year, and also got started into manga, which I totally dug.  Read all the stuff I was assigned, plus Dean Koontz, more Stephen King and a bit of Mary Higgins Clark. Also tried (and failed) to read all of The Lord of the Rings then.  High school was also where I discovered The Claidi Journals which I adore to this day as well.


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