WB: Over the Top

Cross-posted to LiveJournal.

So one of the more recent WB questions I came across was:

Who would you consider the most overrated musician, and why?

Hoo-boy.  Overrrated musicians are America’s specialty.

Well, I could consider a lot of musicians that I like to be totally and completely overrated.

Ke$ha comes to mind first.  She really doesn’t have much in terms of talent, despite the fact that I like her songs.

I think Lady Gaga has only gotten where she has by hiding the true talent that she has and being the new Madonna in terms of the controversial stuff she can get away with.  I give her more credit, however, for being brave enough to not just be a performer but to put on a total theatrical experience for those of us who are fortunate enough to watch her live.  I enjoy artists that do that.  See: my love for Emilie Autumn.

Britney Spears as well.  Why people are still interested in her escapes me.  She never had much talent to begin with and hasn’t been doing all that good musically for a while.  Everyone just likes her particular brand of crazy.  Also, Lindsey Lohan can fall into that category.

Anyone that comes out of Disney or Nickelodeon could be considered overrated.  Also, Justin Beiber.

And I’m not immune to saying that there are foreign bands that I just can not see why they are so famous.  We could go on and on about some of the more stereotypical J-Pop and K-Pop groups but Tokio Hotel is who really comes to mind.  I like them and all, but Bill K. sounds and looks mostly like a woman and the songs are not all that spectacularly done.

Then there’s those that I know have talent that I think have been given way too much credit.  Like Beyonce.  She’s a great artist, with a stunning voice, but people love to worship her and I don’t really see why.  Even Mariah Carey, whom I will never stop loving, has this going for her.  And I can’t figure out why people like me do this.

But I think by far the biggest overrrated musician there is or ever will be was Micheal Jackson.  Don’t get me wrong, the man had talent.  And it wasn’t until Usher came along that anybody could come close to him in dancing talent.  But after his peak in the 80’s, he started sliding downhill.  Not just the child molestation controversies and crazy antics and such.  His music wasn’t all that spectacular (in my opinion, his sister started to outshine him so badly) and do I need to mentionMoonwalker?  His level of ridiculousness increased ten-fold and yet the worshipping of this man and the ignorance of his flaws has extended even past his death.

By far the biggest overrrated musician, in my opinion.


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