NYR Update

I appear to be doing well on my NYRs.

I’ve finished 5 books already this year and am halfway through the 6th.  I have 3 more books in the series I’m reading to be as caught up with that as I want to be.  Then I’m starting on all single-read books (no series.)

I’ve definitely been writing more.  While I’ve also been posting blurbs up here, I have at least 3 rants in my folder that I have to finish and post, and then work on some more reviews.  I’m keeping up well with NEW correspondence but the backed-up stuff is still backed-up and I’ll get to it soon I hope (Sorry Rae, but the research paper that is my response to you is taking forever to get right.  I want this to be structured, sound and well-researched, so I’m not repeating myself and I can get the argument to be the way I want.  So much more than just typing as I read.)

I’m also doing a good job with the backed up bills (the gas bill is down and the rent is almost done being payed off as well.)  I’m hoping to get a decent chunk of money to myself for groceries and stuff soon, which ties into the “I wanna eat better” resolution.  I’ve started doing a bit more grocery shopping again, instead of just eating what I bring home from Subway and what the boys have in the house.  I’m making things again, though not necessarily cooking but I hope that’s changing soon as well.

As for my dancing…

Well, that’s the reason I’m posting!

I still haven’t gotten a webcam or anything yet, so no videos of me dancing but I am keeping on track with learning a dance a month.

For those that don’t know, I started this month with this dance:

I’ve made it a mission to learn all of the Hinoi Team’s dances.  I started with “King Kong” and that was the 3rd dance I ever learned.  Then I looked up their singles, started from the first and have been learning them down the line.  Which means I now know “Ike Ike” (mostly.  I still have a few problems with that one) and “Night of Fire.”  I love “Night of Fire.”  It’s so fun and relatively easy.

“YEAH!” was the next one on the list and is a tad harder than the other three I’ve learned.  Next month was going to be me learning “Sing Na Na Na” but then I discovered this:

That’s right, it’s a remix of the song (sort of.  The Japanese are weird with remixes.)  So I guess I get to learn this next instead.  I mean, I already learned the original and I want to learn all the versions of the song in one go.

I’m kinda excited.  This is my first Trapara (para para (PP) to trance music.  Techpara is PP to techno.) and while it looks sorta easy, trance music and remixes tend to have a faster beat than the eurobeat and general pop stuff most PP is to.  So I’ll either have a really easy time of this or it will stump the shit out of me.

Wish me luck!


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