NYR Update

I appear to be doing well on my NYRs.

I’ve finished 5 books already this year and am halfway through the 6th.  I have 3 more books in the series I’m reading to be as caught up with that as I want to be.  Then I’m starting on all single-read books (no series.)

I’ve definitely been writing more.  While I’ve also been posting blurbs up here, I have at least 3 rants in my folder that I have to finish and post, and then work on some more reviews.  I’m keeping up well with NEW correspondence but the backed-up stuff is still backed-up and I’ll get to it soon I hope (Sorry Rae, but the research paper that is my response to you is taking forever to get right.  I want this to be structured, sound and well-researched, so I’m not repeating myself and I can get the argument to be the way I want.  So much more than just typing as I read.)

I’m also doing a good job with the backed up bills (the gas bill is down and the rent is almost done being payed off as well.)  I’m hoping to get a decent chunk of money to myself for groceries and stuff soon, which ties into the “I wanna eat better” resolution.  I’ve started doing a bit more grocery shopping again, instead of just eating what I bring home from Subway and what the boys have in the house.  I’m making things again, though not necessarily cooking but I hope that’s changing soon as well.

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How Do I Live?

I don’ t even know where to begin posting this, so I guess I’ll start here.

Life on this side of the world can get tough.  Really tough.  America is still in a national recession.  There aren’t enough jobs and there isn’t enough money.  And yet, prices do not change to reflect this.  Inflation makes everything go up, up, up.

Most of us young, inexperienced, underqualified workers end up in minimum wage jobs that have no upward mobility.  We work for corporations that don’t care.  If we can even get jobs.  More and more I’m watching places like McDonald’s hire someone older who’s way overqualified for the job because they can’t find any work either.

Minimum wage is not a living wage.  It doesn’t give us nearly enough to stay above the poverty line.  We don’t get paid enough to live, and most of us start out in the red every paycheck we get anyway.  It’s why some people buy the things they can’t really afford anyway.  If I’m already in debt, I may as well be happy being there.  That’s the mentality anyway.

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21 Jump Street AIDS Episode Rant

Cross-posted to The Angry Redhead and LiveJournal.

I’m sticking this in 3 different places for a reason: 1) It’s a media-related rant (LiveJournal) 2) It relates to real-life, controversial and angering issues (The Angry Redhead) and 3) It is related to my life (Life Blog.)

I’ve been watching the seasons of 21 Jump Street recently.  For those who don’t know, the show was a cop drama in the 80’s and the reason I’m watching it is because it was Johnny Depp’s first major acting role after A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I’m onto the second season and boy oh boy does this show have its clichés.  For one, it’s throwing in a few different holiday episodes, including a Christmas and Valentine’s Day one.  It’s so cheesy.  For two, it insists upon touching on every controversial subject in the most stereotypical way possible (interracial couples, teen pregnancy, homosexuality…)

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