New Year Resolutions

It’s official.  I hate Blogger.  WordPress does the whole custom layout thing so much better.  And now that I figured out how to have more than one blog (oops…)

So I’m moving my life-condensing blog over here, where I enjoy the…everything more.

And since I am on the cusp of a new year, I’d like to start off by posting my New Years Resolutions (NYRs.)

NYRs are something everybody does.  We all say at the beginning of the year that we’re finally going to lose that 15 pounds or we’re going to work out more or we’re going to go out more or whatever.  And yet…that never seems to happen.

First, I’d like to give you all a view of what my NYRs are going to be (LiveJounal asked us this as a “Writer’s Block” question, which is what got me thinking of it.)

1)  I vow to keep up my reading, and to not slip  into the habits I  used to  have.  I read a lot as a kid, but after high  school ended and I started  working, I just didn’t read at all  anymore.  Last year, I vowed to pick  up books again and read at least  one chapter a day.  That worked, and I  managed to read a total of 72  books this year.  (You’ll be able to see  the list on my LJ tomorrow.)   This year, I’d like to keep up my reading  and make it up to 75 books or  more.

2) I vow to continue my  dancing, and to try and get to  the gym a little more often.   Okay, so I’m addicted to those people  that do dance covers on YouTube.   I’ve been learning a few of the Para  Para dances on my own too and can  now do approximately…5-6 of them (one  of them needs some choreography  worked in that I can’t do just yet.)  I’d really like to learn a few more.  So I’m going to try to learn 12  new dances this year.  That’s 1 a month, which shouldn’t be too hard.   (Plus, if I finally get myself a working webcam, I’ll start uploading  the videos of my dancing on YouTube.  Then I’ll have a tone of other  people encouraging me to continue.)  As for the gym…I like going.  I  like the ellipticals and spin machines which give me a better workout  than all the walking I do anyways.  I don’t need to lose weight or  anything, but I’d like to go more and get some real cardio in.

3) I vow to write a little bit more. I’ll try to keep  up this blog and my various other blogs/journals and hopefully  get  caught up on some of those reviews I’m supposed to be doing.  Maybe I’ll  write some more stories but since losing my in progress collection to a  defective hard drive last year, I kinda don’t want to start anything  else.

4)  I vow to change my eating habits just a little more this  year. Last  year I vowed to decrease my caffeine level and I  did a good job at  cutting back all the soda I used to drink and  drinking things with more  water in them.  This year, I’ll try to cut  soda out even more and  decrease my snacking a bit more.  Not so much  the amount I eat  in snacks but what I snack on.   Again, I don’t need to lose weight, but I would like to start cooking a  bit more than I do among other things.

5) I’d like to try to get  my financial life back on track. Being vaguely unemployed for a bit  put a damper on things, along with  the fact that I have to go  down to HEAP and get some help  with the bills.  I’ve got lots of things backed up and a decrease in  paycheck size so if I ever want to do anything fun again (like go see a  movie, head to an amusement park, go to a play/concert or attend a  couple of the cons I want to go to, not to mention the Ren Fair…) then I  have to get rid of these debts and start saving up for more of what I  want.  Not to mention trying to get a new Zune, new webcam, a digital  camera of my own

6)  I’m also  going to try to answer on time all my  correspondence. No more putting  off writing letters and long  discussions.  I usually only do this when what I’m writing about takes  forever and a day to get out, or I just don’t want to talk to the troll  that’s started a fight with me on YouTube (I get that a lot.)  But I’m  going to try and keep those things current and out of my inbox and my  mind.

7) Going to try and  stay a little more informed on current  events than I usually am. Losing my job at the gas station  means I don’t read the paper nearly as much as I did.  I like to see  what’s going on, and it gives me fuel for my Angry Redhead rants.  This  and the above NYR is kinda tied in with that whole writing thing.

Happy New Year all!


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