Garden Spells Book Review

Warning: May Contain Spoilers!!

If you’re against this, then read the book before reading this review

I picked up Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, along with another one of her books, at the thrift store, as much because the story sounded cute as the covers were pretty.  I am fascinated by witchcraft, especially modern witchcraft, and this book’s plot centers around kitchen and food magic, which are types I have a major interest in.  However, the back cover didn’t read like a cliched YA modern witchcraft novel. It read more adult, and appeared more focused on relationships than magic, which is refreshing to me as I’m a bit old for the cliches and tropes in typical YA novels.  

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Marking Out: The Job of a Referee in a Scripted Business

For those of you who may be unaware, one of the reasons why I lag behind being the pop culture queen I aspire to be is because the thing I like most in all of pop culture is pro wrestling.  Yes, I’m one of those fans – I’m a mark.  Actually I’m probably more a smark but who’s really counting?  Cringe culture is dead; like whatever tf you like.

However, recently I saw a stone cold (pardon the pun) take on reffing in pro wrestling.  Something along the lines of “refs aren’t there to get over” coupled with a callout of Aubrey Edwards.

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A Response Too Big for a Text Message

Somebody on my Facebook, who shall remain nameless for the purposes of this publication, sent me something I’m going to refer to as an ‘article’ recently.  This person usually sends me YouTube conspiracies, so I’m grateful for once to have an actual written piece to refer back to.  I don’t bother with the YouTube vids – it would take too much time and energy for me to pick them apart – but this I can sit down and refer back to.  I’m also grateful this was sent in a PM rather than shared to my page or something. I’m not a fan of responding to threads when they get out of control, and I share a lot on Facebook so I lose the articles I’m responding to pretty easily.  Plus, I keep most of my posts public to generate discussion, so the comments can get out of hand very quickly.  Most of what I want to say becomes these think pieces – they’re a good excuse to exercise my research and non-fiction writing skills. I used to love writing research papers in college, so I try to mimic that – though in a more casual sense – here.  I’m gonna work really hard here to not use anything that’s stuck behind a paywall even, but no promises.  The benchmark here is: if I can generally access it, I’m going to use it as a reference.  

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Still Alice Book Review


If you are sensitive about this, go see/read the thing first.  You have been warned.

I picked up Still Alice in the drugstore while browsing one day, because it had a butterfly on the cover.  I’m that simple, but before I buy any book, I read the back. I mean, I’m not some heathen after all.  This one sounded interesting from jump, and I’m so glad I picked it up. Oh my goodness. Continue reading “Still Alice Book Review”

Fake: How Our Snap Judgments Perpetuate False Concepts

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I have these weird pet peeves when it comes to certain working phrases in our society.  Yes, I am a writer and a reader by nature, and yes, I take the English language very seriously.  Just, not that seriously – I can recognize when typos are just typos and I don’t fault slang for existing.  I do, however, recognize when language is enforcing certain unsavory parts of our culture. Most obviously, this exists when ethnic slurs are common parts of our language.  A clear example of this would be the ubiquitous use of the word ‘gypped’ when talking about being ripped off – it directly comes from the stereotype that the Roma (‘gypsy’ is a slur too) are thieves.  

More indirectly, this comes in the ways that we refer to each other casually.  Slut-shaming is one we talk about a lot when talking about rape culture – all of those instances of deriding a woman for being sexual active reinforce the notion that women shouldn’t be sexual and if they are then they deserve what happens to them.  Even when not directly referring to victims of sexual assault, sticking a negative word for sexual activity (pick one: slut, ho, whore, thot, etc) to a women contributes to the false notions about female sexuality that we as a species hold.

Our conversation today isn’t going to be quite so deep, but it is in the same vein of what I’ve outlined above.  Today, we’re gonna talk about the use of the word “fake” to describe people.   Continue reading “Fake: How Our Snap Judgments Perpetuate False Concepts”

#40: Zombieland review


Don’t like? Watch the movie first!

The original  Zombieland was another one of those movies that I sort of put off watching somehow.  Much like The Hurt Locker, Zombieland came out around the same time, and I got to watch them on the same day about 3-4 years later.  I have never been very good with keeping up on movie releases – my house has always been more of a TV house than a movie house, and I never have any money (or time) for the theater.  So I put the movie off until it shows up outside of theaters but by then that second part – the money and time part – come into play again.  

I wasn’t initially thrilled with the concept of Zombieland when I first heard about it either.  I was told it was a straight comedy, not a black comedy, and I generally associate ‘straight comedy during the zombie apocalypse’ with all the rude, immature body fluid humor that people who watch Family Guy go for.  I just…that’s not for me.  So, having not looked any further, I put off watching it until a friend came into town and we had an evening together to watch movies.  

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Does It Really Suck That Much to Be A Guy?

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Occasionally, in my browsing of the internet, I come across articles like this one here and I feel compelled to speak out about the nonsense.  

I call it nonsense, because to read the thing is to read an effort in victimization.  The male writing this post, trying to make an argument about how being a man is hard, seems to be making his points completely seriously.  I’m not reading some satire or parody here; I’m reading a grown ass man with the maturity of a teenager complain about having a penis.  

If you couldn’t tell, my sympathy here is very low.   Continue reading “Does It Really Suck That Much to Be A Guy?”

#39 The Hurt Locker Review


Don’t like? Watch the movie first!

It took me forever to watch this movie, and I know it shouldn’t have considering all the accolades it got.  It won six Oscars and gave Kathryn Bigelow the first Best Picture win for a female director. First released in 08, I didn’t watch it myself until like four years later and I’m only posting the review for it now – nearly a decade later [If that isn’t a clue, boy do I have a lot of these backed up.  I keep a list of what I watch so I know to review it, but I never seem to get around to writing the reveiws.]

The reason for this is that I’m not really a fan of military movies.  I generally dislike the glorification of the horrors of real-life war that most movies indulge in.  Historical perspective helps – it’s easier for me to watch a movie about a war a century or two removed from the modern day.  But modern war doesn’t interest me and I was an objector to Iraq and Afghanistan to begin with. This is not a genre of films I can watch easily.  

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